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  Entering the twenty-first Century, we are heading for a new milestone in the development of enterprises. On the way to new goals, we must be soberly aware that today's international and domestic competitive environment is not the same as in the past, opportunities and challenges are often unexpected. The development of our mainland people put forward higher requirements: sustained stamina needs high-tech products to support, market share needs a strong sense of quality to ensure. Responsibility, integrity, perseverance, innovation and keeping pace with the times are the essential basic qualities of our mainland people, but also the standard of our self-demand.

  Should have the responsibility, can grasp the opportunity which the history entrusts, can accomplish some undertakings, must have the perseverance, can advance when encountering the challenge, overcome the difficulty and go up, the war is invincible; must have the innovation, can grasp the opportunity in the changeable environment, creates the new achievement; must advance with the times, can emancipate the mind more, the thorough reform. So that enterprises will remain young, full of vigor and vitality, and continue to climb new heights.

  The competition in the future is the competition of talents and knowledge, and the future world belongs to the talents who are unceasingly enterprising and dare to innovate. Faced with the impact and baptism of the global knowledge economy tide, the mainland company is willing to open up a bright future for the mainland steel pipe with the mind of seeking talents and respecting knowledge and talents.



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With advantageous geographical position, Wuxi Dalu Steelpipe Co., Ltd. lies close to Taihu Lake in the south,Shanghai-Nanjing Railway in the east, the exit of Xiyi Expressway in the west and Jinghang ...

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