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Points for attention in cutting off square tubes

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  The main points for cutting off the square pipe are as follows:

  (1) To cut off the place, please use a dishcloth or soft cloth to wipe the surface of the square pipe oil, sundries or soil completely clean.

  (2) stainless steel cut-off should be selected.

  (3) The location of the cut-off should be marked with meter ruler or other measuring tools in accordance with the construction drawings and site conditions.

  (4) when cutting off, please use tiger tongs and other square tubes to fix the appliance. After fixing it, it will be cut again.

  (5) the cutting surface of the square tube should be kept true, and the cut-off line should be at right angles to the axle center of the square tube. Excessive force is the cause of cutting the square tube into a flat or ellipse. Therefore, the square tube should be cut with proper force.

  (6) Files or appropriate tools should be used to remove the iron scraps and edges on the cutting surface so as to prevent scratches of rubber O-rings and other accessories when the iron scraps and edges are inserted into the other parts of the joint.



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